• Dancing Dolphins

  • Sunset on the Deck

  • Unwind at the Dome

  • Luxuriously Romantic

  • Private Dinning on the Beach

  • Perfect for a cocktail before dinner

Makara Resort is named fittingly after a mythical creature traditionally identified with water – the source of all existence and fertility and emblematic of the surroundings of the resort. The Makara is often seen standing guard at entrances to temples as it was thought to ward off undesirable spirits.

What Makes Us Special

Luxury Accommodation in Kalpitiya

Comfortable Accommodation

If it’s rest and relaxation that you are looking for, your search ends at Dolphin Beach. The soothing throb of the mighty Indian Ocean..

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Romantic Secluded Beach

Light golden white sand, azure soft waves of the Indian Ocean and an amber golden sun come together to make this a paradise..

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Dolphin Beach offers a range of water sports, sea and land safaris for entertainment and leisure. Some of these are value added..

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Venturesome Excursions

The Kalpitiya area is a treasure trove of marine, land and bird life including four types of dolphins, five types of whales, and the very..

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